Regular Coffees

Costa Rican

Dark roasted full body

Jamaican Blue Mountain

Wellenford Estate - Body and flavor incomparable A very well balanced coffee in all respects


An exceptional rich, full-bodied blended coffee Contains coffee from Indonesia, Africa, And Central America Its just the best cup of coffee PERIOD! thats why its OUR HOUSE BLEND!!

Kenya AA

Highly prized coffee from the fertile, red volcanic Soil surrounding Mt. Kenya. Medium body, Intense flavor and a dry winey aftertaste

Mocha Java Harrar

The most famous of all coffee blends combining The creamy richness of Java beans with the Exotic flavor of the Ethiopian Mocca bean

San Francisco Blend

Deep flavor and richness combining African, Indonesian and French Roast coffees

Sumatra Mandheling

Grade 1 from the central part of northern Sumatra. This wonderful coffee is very intense, Heavy full body, concentrated spicy, earthy, and Robust with an herbal aroma with virtually no acidity. fair traded and kosher certified.


Jewel from Ethiopia rates among the world's best. This coffee produces a smooth and balanced cup, excelent aroma. The medium body and delicate acidity is brought together with a creamy, buttery flavor profile with hints of citrus.

BRAZIL "Impanema Dulce"

Very mild soft in the cup, this coffee has a light acidity smooth body a subtle aroma. A wonderful, well-rounded coffee that can be enjoyed anytime.


Coffee cultivation has creted new opportunities for rwandan windows and orfhans buy offerind them a chance to rebuild their lives and communities. As result, their commitment to coffee is at best in this cup of bufcafe. A full and creamy body offers no


This coffee is rich and well balanced, with hints of plums and blackberries and ends in a sweet smooth finish.